Future of Work

5 grudnia 2020 dr Adam Ostolski wziął udział w dyskusji o przyszłości pracy z Eleanor Morrissey, Kim van Sparrentak i Jean Lambert.

2020 is a year full of challenges and the pandemic has added to them – not least in the world of work. We need to implement the Green New Deal and the Just Transition within it – providing decent work in terms of pay and working conditions. But there are other changes in the world of work:: such as the digitalisation of the economy -which allows teleworking- and the growth of more casual and freelance work. The pandemic has emphasised the relevance of the care work and role of our public services but has had a devastating effect on the creative , hospitality and tourism sectors in many countries and highlighted the need for new instruments to protect workers (creation of new unemployment benefits and schemes, for example), With this parallel session EGP wants to invite Green decision makers, activists and academics to start a discussion which will be followed by an exchange of ideas among member parties trying to answer the following question: What would Greens like to offer to an 18 year-old young woman about her working future?

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