Green Observatory: Tax Injustice

W ankiecie „Green European Journal” dotyczącej reakcji na skandale Panama Papers i LuxLeaks w jedenastu krajach Europy o sytuacji w Polsce pisze Adam Ostolski.

In the wake of revelations that numerous companies, from Apple to Zara, have avoided paying tax revenue to EU governments, how is the issue of European tax havens perceived in your country and in your Green party or movement?

As Greens, we may be tempted to presume that international scandals involving tax havens would naturally lead to the conclusion that we need a stronger Europe to fight tax injustices. For many, however, this is far from obvious. In Poland, revelations concerning tax avoidance and tax evasion do not tend to be followed by political mobilisations in favour of a closer European cooperation in this area. The public debate in the wake of the Panama Papers focused on tracing “Polish threads” rather than calling for a systemic reform.

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