Debating basic income

Czy idea bezwarunkowego dochodu podstawowego to szansa, by odmienić politykę w Europie? Jak odróżnić uzasadnioną krytykę BDP od ideologicznych obiekcji? I co ma BDP do ratowania klimatu? O tym między innymi rozmawiają Adam Ostolski i Natalie Bennett w „Green European Journal”.

Adam Ostolski: Basic income has already reinvigorated debate on the Left and beyond. I need to come out as a sceptical supporter of the basic income. Differentiating between valid concerns about basic income and simple ideological objections is something that interests me, as is the whole debate between different transformative reform proposals now discussed on the Left. It’s not just the basic income. If we put it in a broader context, we have also shorter working time, the job guarantee, and the debate about money creation. Some people believe that these ideas are contradictory, either you have a job guarantee or basic income and you cannot have both. Others think that they are complementary and that good politics would be to have both. This is the debate that we need to have. Whatever your position is, this debate refocuses attention away from the agenda imposed by the Right, especially the xenophobic Right, to an agenda coming from the Left. Whether you support basic income, a job guarantee, or monetary reform, if you are part of this debate, you are shifting the political ground in the right direction.

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W ankiecie „Green European Journal” dotyczącej debaty o bezwarunkowym dochodzie podstawowym w dwunastu krajach Europy o sytuacji w Polsce pisze Adam Ostolski.

Is universal basic income a part of the public and political debate in your country?

The idea of a universal basic income has been around for some time now, but it can hardly be considered part of the political debate in a strict sense. However, ongoing debates about a citizen’s retirement or a universal child allowance can provide us with some insights into how a UBI would be received…

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